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Everyone is potentially at risk from work related stress; it can affect anyone, at any level, within any organisation. No profession or population is immune to it. Awareness is the key, and the key to awareness is having an open systematic approach, where the risks are identified, discussed and interventions applied to minimise or eliminate them.

This bespoke course is designed to help practices identify the specific challenges for their teams and to enable them to create tailored interventions. Teams are asked to complete an anonymous validated online survey to identify the challenges and risks to their health, wellbeing and performance. Survey results are then used to facilitate focus groups, where risks are discussed and tailored interventions identified and produced. Practices can thus ensure that they are legally compliant and understand the real challenges faced by their employees, and drive targeted training that will make a positive difference to their teams.

How the course works

  • The anonymous online Health & Safety Executive (HSE) indicator tool is circulated to all employees, to gather feedback on working conditions known to be potential causes of work related stress.
  • Focus groups are run to discuss risks highlighted via the HSE tool, and to brainstorm ideas on how to overcome highlighted challenges. Representatives from all employee teams are present during this session.
  • A dynamic up-to-date stress policy is created, highlighting current risks and recommended interventions to be applied to minimise those risks, along with dates to monitor and reassess.