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Putting things in perspective

It’s very easy to get wrapped up on the hamster wheel of life. What is the point of it all if you are just going through the motions and not actually enjoying the process? Often we can feel trapped, that we have no choices, nowhere to go to, but our freedom to choose is one of the greatest freedoms we have, there are always other options and so there are always other choices. The decisions may mean compromise, we are unlikely to be able to have it all, but it is possible to strike a balance that suits you. If you are looking to find more of a balance that works for you, if you are wanting to find options and choice when you feel there are none, send me an email and I can show you how coaching will help you achieve this.

Putting things in perspective

Children are great for grounding you, when you have a bad day at work it's put into perspective when you walk through the door and see a beaming smile and get a big unconditional hug from your child. When your child is I'll or a friends child is sick and in hospital it can be a wake up call to what really matters in life, what are real worries and what are really not worth spending time and effort on. Having children has put my worries in life in perspective, I am much more aware of what is really important me, it has given my life a greater meaning and only when I became a mum and parent have I really appreciated this? Having this greater sense of meaning also highlights others unnecessary worrying, we have to take care here as to them it's important even though to us it isn't.

Within my first 2 weeks back from maternity leave I was late for pick up twice, I apologised I phoned in a head but still I felt guilty, it can't happen, the nursery can't have more children that they are set up for, the old attitude of 'it will be ok' no longer rings true. So now priorities change, I have to say no at work, I have to put the children and me first, I have a deadline and I have to work with it. I cannot be late:

The upside of this is that I am sure I am more efficient at work, I book my days up, I get going earlier on in the day, I have adapted to the new constraints I am working within to make it work for both me and my family. Priorities have changed, demands have changed, and I have had to start saying no to things. I would love to say that I can now say no to things without any guilt…but I can't although I am getting better about it, but I have also learnt to voice my concerns, so I am less likely to be put into those situations, which cause you loads of stress. The midday call that comes in and they need you to go, before I would have been the vet who said yes, now I the girls know not to phone me and after a particular time they know its just not feasible for me to do it, so they don't ask, and if they don't ask, I don't have to say no, and I don't feel guilty! It’s all about managing your situation and the expectation of others and of your own on yourself

Be proactive, be on purpose, and be in control.

You know how you are, you know what's important to you, and you know what you need to put in place to make your life work for you

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