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Small Animal Emergency Work in Liverpool

I used my grant in order to complete my first sole small animal emergency work with Vets Now in Liverpool. As I don't own a car, the grant was invaluable in allowing me to afford transport at the end of my allocated shifts (usually 6pm - midnight) back home, as I wouldn't have been able to attend this placement otherwise.

The placement has been very useful for my development as a veterinary student in being able to compare and contrast how emergency practice differs from daily general practice. It allowed me to reflect on and improve my history-taking skills to first focus on questions that were immediately pertinent to the treatment of the potentially critical case in front of me, as well as experience the quick decision-making under pressure when vets were managing cases. Over the week I was with Vets Now, I saw several commonly-presenting emergency cases such as dogs ingesting rat poison and cats who had been caught in road traffic accidents. I also gained valuable experience in managing inpatients overnight, such as monitoring for seizures, feeding via nasogastric tubes, calculating and adjusting fluid rates (and unblocking fluid lines!).

I am so glad that, via the grant, I was able to experience emergency work in small animal practice prior to my graduation next year. It has been incredibly helpful in preparing me for some of the emergency case presentations I may see, as well as how to approach them.


VDS Training are proud to be supporting the AVS EMS grants. These grants will offer financial support to veterinary students to complete an EMS placement. The applications for the 2019 grants are open and close of the 1st of December and the successful applicants will be announced at our 2020 AVS Congress at Surrey Vet School in January. There are 5 grants available each of £200 and the application form can be found here and should be emailed to:

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