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Turning the wrongs into rights

What do you do when you make a mistake in practice? Panic? Fix it and then try to forget it? Tell yourself to be more careful next time? What do you say to your colleagues when they get it wrong?

Sadly, mistakes are inevitable. It doesn’t matter how clever, conscientious, or committed we are, we’re still only human, and that means things don’t always go to plan. Even with this knowledge, professional errors can be upsetting. Research published in the official journal of the Society of Occupational Medicine showed vets report professional mistakes as one of the most stressful aspects of their jobs.

It is natural to focus on the incident and the consequences when we think about a mistake, but to really understand why it happened – and to stop it happening in future – we should try to focus on what was happening before it all went wrong...

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This article is part of our Balance series, in conjunction with VetRecord, aimed at improving the efficiency and wellbeing of vets.

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